Zargan Mulch

Typical valuesCharacteristics
Milky white liquidAppearance
50 – 200 mPa.sViscosity at 25 °C
1.22 – 1.24 Specific gravity at 20 °C
7 – 9pH at 25 °C
45 – 50 wt%Total solids content
0.5 – 1 wt%Free formaldehyde content

Zargan mulch is a polymeric liquid resin with good spraying ability and free of solid particles. Unlike petroleum mulches, this polymeric mulch is environmentally friendly and increases soil fertility after decomposition. This product has excellent water permeability and preserves soil moisture by reducing water evaporation from soil surface. By using this product, plant species in the stabilized area remain intact without needing manual irrigation during the dry season. Zargan mulch is environmentally friendly and does not have damaging effects of petroleum mulch on existing plants, newly planted seedlings, animals and humans. It does not need preheating before application and large areas can be stabilized with this mulch by common spraying equipment.


  • It is used for stabilization of sand dunes or any types of soils and sediments against wind erosion.

Storage life

6 months at 25 °C


20 liter HDPE plastic drums and 20 – 22 MT stainless steel tanks