Urea Formaldehyde Laminating Powder

Typical values Characteristics
White powder Appearance
0.5 ± 0.005 g/cm3 Bulk density
2 wt% Moisture content, max
50% Solution (1:1 liquid resin)
Transparent liquid Appearance
14 – 16 s Viscosity at 20 °C (flow cup)
7.5 – 9 pH at 25 °C
1.19 – 1.21 Specific gravity at 20 °C
48 – 53 wt% Total solids content
35 – 54 s Gel time at 100 °C with hardener

Powdered urea formaldehyde resin is mixed with water and used for impregnation of overlay papers. Using this product creates a strong bonding in overlay coating of wood products and forms a strong and colorless laminated surface on wood products.


  • It is used as resin for middle layer of impregnation of overlay papers on medium density fiberboard (MDF) and compact boards.

Storage life

6 months at 25 °C


25 kg laminated PP bags