Typical values Characteristics
Transparent liquid Appearance
37 wt% Formaldehyde content, min
 Upon customer request Methanol content
1.09 Specific gravity at 20 ºC
2.5 – 4 pH at 25 ºC
200 ppm Acidity, max
100 ppm Ash, max
1 ppm Iron, max

Formaldehyde, a pungent gas, is the most important commercial aldehyde and the simplest member of the aldehyde family with the chemical formula CH2O. It is also known as methanal, its solution is called formalin and is available as 37% solution.


  • As a raw material for production of different types of urea formaldehyde resin, melamine formaldehyde resin, phenol formaldehyde resin and concrete super plasticizer.
  • As an antiseptic in hospitals, cattle breeding centers, contaminated public places, sugar industries and sanitary detergents.

Storage life

6 months at 35 – 45 ºC


20 Liters HDPE plastic drums, 20 – 22 MT stainless steel tanks and ISO tank containers