Melamine Moulding Powder (Compression Grade)

Typical valuesCharacteristics
0.02 – 0.028 inchesDisk flow thickness
30 sCure time, max
80 MPaFlexural strength, min
6 kJ/m2Impact strength, Unnotched
1.5 kJ/m2Impact strength, Notched
110 °C    Deflection temperature, min
120 mgCold water absorption, max
1%Mould shrinkage, max

Melamine moulding powder is a cellulose-filled thermoset compound, commonly used for melamine dinnerware. Melamine moulding compound has superior mechanical strength compared to the urea moulding compound. It is available as fine powder, granular forms and variety of attractive colors as per customer’s order.


  • It is used for production of melamine dinnerware, electrical parts and sanitary products.

Storage life

6 months at 25 °C


Laminated 25 kg PP bags