Fars Chemical Industries

The first and largest producer of aldehyde materials in Iran Production of melamine formaldehyde molding powders Production of molding powders Urea formaldehyde Production of formalin Production of industrial liquid adhesive (urea formaldehyde) Production of adhesive powder (urea formaldehyde) Production of UFC Production of glazer powder Production of hardener Production of M UF resin

Goals and policies

Relying on the knowledge of its experts, Fars Chemical Industries Company tries to advance long-term goals in order to help preserve the environment.

Research and Development

Fars Chemical Industries, as one of its main missions, has defined all research and development activities in a knowledge-based manner. These activities are the basis of cooperation and close relations with universities and research centers and national and international scientific and research companies.

Moulding production

The first polymer resin to stabilize the soil, using sand dunes or any type of soil and sediment against wind erosion

Production of Concentrated Resins

Resins produced in Fars Chemical Industries Complex cover a wide range of industrial applications

Work with
big and small