Urea Moulding Powder (Compression Grade)

Typical values

Granule/powder Appearance
0.02 – 0.028 inches Disk flow thickness
22 s Cure time, max
80 MPa Flexural strength, min
1.5 kJ/m2 Impact strength, Unnotched
≥ 1.1 kJ/m2 Impact strength, Notched
110 oC Deflection temperature, min
120 mg Cold water absorption, max
0.9% Mould shrinkage, max

Urea moulding powder is a cellulose-filled thermoset compound used for production of sanitary and electrical products. It is available as fine powder, granular forms and variety of attractive colors as per customer’s order.


  • It is used for production of toilet seats, buttons, skates and ski-boards. Urea moulding compound has high electrical and thermal resistance and is used in electrical parts.

Storage life

6 months at 25 oC


Laminated 25 kg PP bags