Bitumen Additive Resin

Typical values Characteristics
Milky white liquid Appearance
140 – 180 mPa.s Viscosity at 25 °C
1.1 – 1.3 Specific gravity at 20 °C
55 – 58 wt% Total solids content
8 – 9.5 pH at 25 °C

Bitumen additive resin is added to bitumen to improve its stickiness to building materials. It reduces melting point and viscosity of bitumen and increases its elasticity, softening and penetrability. The asphalt containing this additive is called Warm-Mix Asphalt (WMA); which in comparison to Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) requires lower temperatures and hence lower energy consumption.


  • It is used in asphalt to improve the processability of asphalts and reduce the minimum temperature required for processability of asphalts.

Storage life

6 months at 25 °C


20 liter HDPE plastic drums and 20 – 22 MT stainless steel tanks