Zardasht Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Guaranteed content (wt%)Nutrients
32 – 34Total nitrogen (N)
10 – 12Released nitrogen after 24 h
12 – 14Released nitrogen after a week

This fertilizer is designed to provide a sustainable and reliable nitrogen source to feed plants for maximum 22 weeks, contributing to root development and its continuous growth. It contains a total nitrogen content of 32 – 34%, of which 75% is water insoluble and in soil gets converted to plant-uptakeable ammonium and nitrate.

Applications and usage

  • This water-insoluble granular fertilizer is suitable for all types of agricultural and horticultural plants and greenhouses. In horticultural plants, it should be added via digging 2 – 4 holes (30×40 cm2) under tree shade. In farms, it can be added to soil while plowing the land. In ornamental plants and greenhouses, it is mixed with planting bed.
  • Application rates are for guidance only. Actual rates will vary with local growing conditions, soil analysis and plant’s age.
  • It is compatible with most types of fertilizers and pesticides.
Type of vegetationApplication dosage
Application dosage
 Period of application 
New transplants

100 – 150 



Before buds



1-year-old trees

250 – 300



3-year-old trees

400 – 450



Farming plants

200 – 250


Cultivation bed
Ornamental plants

150 – 200


Cultivation bed

Storage life

2 years at 25 °C

(Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.)


Keep out of reach of children and away from food, drink and animal foodstuffs.

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25 kg bags